Welcome to Canoe and Kayak North Florida, specifically North Central Florida, one of the most unique truly natural and original places in Florida, probably one of the more unique places on earth. There are more fresh water springs in this area than anywhere in the world, most feeding beautiful rivers for your canoeing and kayaking pleasure.

As an aside from canoing and kayaking, the abundant springs in this part of Florida bring some of the very best cave diving in the world.

Featured in the image above (alphabetical) are the Aucilla, Econfina, Fenholloway, Ichetucknee, Santa Fe, Steinhatchee, Suwannee, Waccasassa, Wacissa, and Withlacoochee Rivers. There are also literally hundreds of tributaries with top-notch scenic beauty to canoeists and kayakers.

Please go to our companion site, SeeNorthFlorida.com, for a closer look and getting-around directions to this fascinating part of the country.

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A few very special places (with links) you should know about:

The Aucilla River: The Aucilla River Canoe Trail
North Florida Whitewater
Information on the Aucilla from the Taylor County Chamber of Commerce
The Aucilla River Prehistory Project
The Ecofina River: The Econfina River State Park
More Information on the Econfina
Kayaking on the Econfina
The Fenholloway River: Unfortunately this is a negative report on this once great river:
From the National Resources Defense Council
From the clean Water Network of Florida
The Fenhollway gets its day in court
There is some hope...
The Ichetucknee River: Ichetucknee Springs State Park
The Ichetucknee River and its Springs
One of the greatest photographs of the Ichetucknee ever
The Santa Fe River: Canoe and Kayak the Santa Fe River
The Santa Fe River Canoe Trail
The Kayak Guide, sharing Canoeing and Kayaking
Where the river goes underground for 4 miles, O'Leno State Park
The Steinhatchee River: A voyage down the Steinhatchee River
From the Falls (Yes - Falls) to the Mouth
Canoe and Kayak the Steinhatchee
The Steinhatchee River rises again - the Rise Spring
The Suwannee River: Suwannee River State Park
The Suwannee River Wilderness Trail
The Suwannee River Valley area
North Florida Whitewater
White Springs - one of the nicest little towns in Florida
The Waccasassa River: Waccasassa Bay State Preserve State Park
A Waccasassa River adventure
Adventure on Florida's Big Bend
The Wacissa River: Sharing Canoeing and Kayaking experiences
The Wacissa River Canoe Trail
A voyage down the Wacissa
The Wacissa River - include 12 first magnitude springs
The Withlacooche River: From the Georgia state line to the Suwannee River State Park
Wikipedia on the Withlacooche
Paddle the Withlacooche

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